SMBO 2015 – 31

Hello Stalkers! Welcome to the thirty-first installment of Stalking Mike Blair Outdoors! Blair has spent the majority of his summer outside filming wildlife, nature and weather. We all know he enjoys bringing us hidden secrets and scenes that aren’t seen very often. Right now he’s busy filming and compiling video for a his video blog and a new DVD. Some of you purchased Blair’s DVDs when you signed up for this membership, but did you get them all? Or perhaps you’re looking for a suitable gift? This week we are going to explore Blair’s current DVD’s in anticipation of his upcoming work.


Get away from the daily deluge of life and breathe a breath of fresh air. Videographer Mike Blair will take you on a tour of nature you could only dream of. Spanning all of the seasons in Kansas and Colorado, this DVD is not narrated. Instead, it relies completely on the natural sounds andwhite pelican 3 video that it encompasses. Let nature massage your soul and reconnect with yourself with the Earth and sky. Listen to beautiful bird songs and enjoy the visual impact of this amazing wildlife video. The screen will come alive in front of you with the peace and beauty that nature has to offer. Full of wildlife clips, Blair shares the best of what he sees in his outdoor adventures. Whether you are unable to get out, don’t have the time to spend or just can’t get enough of the beauties of nature, this video brings the outside world right to your screen. Experience complete Serenity with this DVD.

View the Serenity DVD Trailer HERE.


An enlightening video filmed, narrated and produced by Mike Blair Outdoors. This thirty minute video has been two years in the making and features the beautiful Wildflowers Of The Midwest. Viewers will enjoy the color and science of a vast variety of flowers that paint the Midwest. You will discover hidden niches and out of the wcatalpa 1ay places you never knew existed. You’ll discover the process of flowering and the impact that wildflowers have on the environment and other aspects of nature. Discover the order and diversity the scenery undergoes throughout the seasons and view a catalog of named field guide plants that dance in the wind. Enjoy as you explore this natural tour of breathtaking beauty.

View the Wildflowers DVD Trailer HERE.

Outdoorsman’s Prayer

Experience the grandeur of the Earth and sky. Vidoegrapher sunset 14Mike Blair blends a journey of discover with quiet praise in this DVD. Original arrangements and narration, by Blair, are mixed with the soul soothing sounds of nature. This video takes special care to point to the artistry and imagination of the Author of Life. Verses call to Thanksgiving and bless the one who made us all. See natural wonders with soothing images, sounds and words. Let yourself be in awe with this DVD brought to you special from Mike Blair Outdoors.

View the Outdoorsman’s Prayer DVD Trailer HERE.

Wild Edge Volume I

Wild Edge Volume I is the first in this series that focuses on nature and wildlife. Videographer virginia creeper 1Mike Blair has complied this DVD of his travels throughout the Midwest. This video focuses on the beauty of the outdoors and the drama that is unknown to many of us. Blair has a unique talent to find unnoticed stories and takes the time to share and explain those in this Wild Edge series. Narrated by Mike Blair himself, this video will answer many of natures curiosities. A natural way to view and learn about nature’s secrets. Including weather, nature and wildlife, Blair expertly mixes his narration and the soothing sounds of nature.

View the Wild Edge Volume I DVD Trailer HERE.

Wild Edge Volume II

Wild Edge Volume II is the second in the Wild Edge series. indigo bunting 1This series focuses on the beauty and unknown of the outdoors. This DVD includes 15 favorite topics that videographer Mike Blair has explored during his outdoor adventures. Blair includes inspiring insights to the natural world and explores natural secrets that aren’t known to many. Blair educates through his own narration, but he also leaves the beautiful sounds of nature to speak for itself. Experience haunting ice songs, and night time sky-scapes. See flight in slow motion and follow nesting circles.

View the Wild Edge Volume II DVD Trailer HERE.

These DVDs are appropriate for all ages and make a perfect gift for those who love nature, exploring, discovery and the beauty of our world. To view the video trailers of these DVDs, just click the link. All of these DVDs are available for the low cost of $14.99 and you can purchase by also following the link of your choice. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to add a video that is both educational and soothing to your video library. These purchases also help support Blair and fund his projects and the work he brings us, buy now.