SMBO 2015 – 3

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I think we can all agree that Mike does some amazing work and is able to catch some amazing wildlife shots. I really enjoy his videos and photographs of animals in their habitat and their lifestyle; I learn things that I never even had a clue about.



However, as a professional stalker of Mike Blair, some of my favorite work that he’s done, is his timelapse videos.

Have you ever see those specific videos that he has done? They’re amazing. It makes you feel like you’re there, as if you experienced these miracles yourself. As you watch it’s like you’re standing still and time is in fast-forward around you. It’s really incredible. We know these changes happen. We know these events happen around us. We notice that the sun goes up and comes down, but you don’t really get the full effect. Luckily, these few videos give us that insight and that experience.

We’ll start you off with a short one. This Star Timelapse Montage gives you a quick but beautiful introduction to timelapse. Timelapse Cloudy Stars is another very short peek into this incredible world.

So, what is timelapse? How do you capture events that span lengths of time without a video camera going and hours upon hours of video? How does he condense something that takes so long to occur in just a few minutes?

Well, first off he has to find the place, setting and view he wishes to capture. He sets up his equipment and sets it to take a photo. He has the ability to change how frequent a picture is taken. It could be every second, every thirty seconds, every five minutes and so on. Leave it there, let it do its job. Then, when placing the photos into a video, he speeds up the pictures. Instead of it being a photo every second, it might be ten photos in one second; this, creates the illusion of time passing (lapsing) very quickly. It creates a similar illusion as a flip book does, with the pictures that “move” to act something out.

World In Motion  has some amazing timelapse shots, including stars, clouds and sunsets. It’s a fairly short video. World In Motion II  is even better. It’s a longer version and includes most of what is in the first one. This one includes some other amazing shots and mixes timelapse with slow motion video to show some amazing actions that happen around us, usually too quick for us to catch the details. This video captures a bluebird in flight, deer leaping, flowers opening and a bumblebee fighting the breeze. So much more is in there, but I’ll let you watch it to find out for yourself.

I have two absolute favorite timelapse videos of Mike’s. I love them all but these two really get me. Starscapes is exactly what the title says. It’s a timelapse video of various starscapes at different settings. You can watch the night sky pass you by many times over, lightning dance across the clouds and a windmill backed by a beautiful evening landscape. My next favorite includes still images as well as timelapse. It’s an amazing video and it’s an absolute must for any Mike Blair Stalker to experience. Painted Skies features just that. Many of the pictures in this video will take your breath away and make you so grateful that you are able to experience this world in all it’s glory.

Be sure to leave a comment below to let us know which timelapse video was your favorite! Or were you even able to choose?! It sure is difficult to pick one.

Did you happen to notice all of the pretty music Mike used in the background to accompany his work? Did you know that’s part of his multitude of talents as well? Yes, all those musical pieces are Mike Blair originals. Who knew one person could have so many talents? There’s one more talent I’d like to bring to your attention – Mike not only composes musical pieces to accompany his videos. . . he sings as well!

As Kansas natives, his music video Green really makes us miss home. Harvest season is a big deal there and involves many people. Rose Melting Into Snow is a beautiful piece that I adore and the lyrics are amazing. What My Daddy Had is another one of my favorites from Mike and, depending on the day, might squeeze a tear out of you. These three are just some of my favorite, but I highly encourage you to visit the Youtube channel and check out his multitude of other musical pieces and pick your own favorites. Be sure to let us know below which one it was! Even this dancing duck has his favorite one! Check out this Country Music Scaup!!!

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I’m going to leave you with this last timescape video, seeing how I think it’s very fitting for this time of year and might be an experience that we miss, while we are cuddled up in our warm houses. Watch the Snow Coming In.