SMBO 2015 – 26


This is the twenty-sixth edition of Stalking Mike Blair Outdoors!!! We have officially reached halfway point of the year! How exciting! What are some of your favorite moments from the year so far? Tell us, we want to know! Give us a shout out on Facebook or in the comments below! Was it the colorful Cardinal or the graceful Monarch? Perhaps it was the fun video of a dancing duck or the fox kits playing that caught your attention? Let us know!
Since this is a special issue we are going to celebrate in a special way! First off we have discounted our membership for this month (and this month only!). So, share the link with your friends and family. Share it on Facebook and send them an email! We want to be able to share Blair’s amazing work with as many people as possible; we believe everyone deserves to be able to experience the great outdoors. By supporting this message and these memberships you are also supporting Blair and helping him continue to be able to explore his talents and bring us the amazing results. His work takes lots of hours and money that goes toward gas, equipment and other necessities. Without this, he wouldn’t be able to do it any more. So, share this page and let them know the amazing experiences they are missing out on!
Second, it’s true. Mike Blair is a very talented individual. A couple weeks ago we asked you what your Mike Blair favorites were and here are the results! For this edition of Stalking Mike Blair Outdoors we are featuring:

The Best Of Mike Blair


Mike Blair has an uncanny ability to catch moments that are so quick, many of us didn’t even know that they happened. Such is the case of this photo. This is the few moments before a monarch butterfly emerges, when the proteOwl18ctive layers around the insect turn clear.



Other times, Blair gives us great views of things we would have never been able to see without risking ourselves or the wildlife. Owls will abandon their nests during the egg stage, Blair was very cautious when he found this nest. This allowed him to bring us a cute photo of a pair of baby Barred Owls.


deer 42            kit1


sunset 14

Over the years, Blair has learned a few tricks of the trade and applies them when he’s out and about. Tricks of light and color are among his arsenal. Being able to get the right angle and time of day to capture some of nature’s beauty is definitely among his many talents.

fog 1



This is an amazing shot of some lifting fog taken in the Konza Prairie, Manhattan. When was the last time you experienced beauty like that?


indigo bunting 1

In addition to knowing lights and angles, Blair has also learned when and where it’s best to view the wildlife he’s targeting. This allows him to capture some amazing video and photos. Take this Indigo Bunting for example – absolutely breathtaking.Cardinal5




This is well and good, but even if you know where the light is and wildlife patterns, you STILL won’t get amazing photographs like Blair’s unless you have the skill to go with it. The ability to know how to capture that image and make it clear. Showing colors and details that are sometimes hard to imagine. Details that we didn’t even know where there. Clarity that’s difficult to achieve when your subject is constantly moving wildlife.

virginia creeper 1           Cicada 3



I mean, some aspects of nature happen in the dead of night. Some only occur for a few days of the year and others only for a split second.

Lightning 3              Wolf Spider 10

Some wildlife is difficult to see.

racoon 3  11

While others are so quick, you’re not sure you saw it.

tarantula hawk 1.

Some creatures have a humorous streak.


Others just follow the crowd.


And while nature has some sad moments. . .

killdeer1    bluebird 14

It also has the most beautiful. . .

star 7           fall color 10

star 6      icyberries

bluebird 1         unknown

Thank you for joining us!

Didn’t see your favorite here? Be sure to tell us which work of Blair’s inspires you most! Here is the discounted membership link for you to share so that your friends and family don’t have to keep missing out on these amazing opportunities.