SMBO 2015 – 21

Hello, Stalkers! Welcome to the twenty-first installment of Stalking Mike Blair Outdoors. Can you believe it’s already June? Wow, time passes quickly. We’ve been doing this newsletter for twenty-one weeks now. Through all of these weeks Blair has been outside, filming the great outdoors to bring to us. We try to add links and relevant content that Blair has provided when we send out these newsletters, but thankfully, Blair always has new content! So, we are going to use this issue to bring you up to speed on the new content he’s provided on subjects we’ve already covered in our newsletters.

Owl8We covered Blair’s work with Barred Owls a few issues ago and he has had an incredible find since then. A feather caught on a tree sparked his interest and thanks to his keen eye, he was able to locate a Barred Owl nest. Inside was nestled three eggs and a watchful mother. Barred Owl Eggs is the video where you can watch Blair make this discovery. Later, Blair is able to catch some video of the owl’s mate bringing her food. He hunts down dinner and then delivers it to her, while she incubates the eggs. Watch this incredible exchange in the Barred Owl Supper video. Finally, the eggs hatch and three fuzzy chicks are hunkered down in the nest, awaiting their mother’s return. Catch a glimpse of this cuteness overload here with the Barred Owl Babies. The babies continue to grow and gain some color over the next week or two. Blair checks back in, under the watchful eyes of the parents. The babies click their beaks to warn him away, but he still captures some adorable footage for this Barred Owlets video.

Sometimes, the simple videos featuring everyday occurrences that we pass by and don’t give a second glance to are the most beautiful. Like this Moonlit Cloud Timelapse, it doesn’t need much explanation. You can sit and enjoy the beautiful clouds wander by. Or liven things up by hqdefault5watching these Rolling Storm Clouds tumble in the sky. There’s one crucial bit of nature that is essential for those clouds to make it to where they need to go and that is something that is abundant in Kansas: wind.  It’s difficult to avoid wind in Kansas. Blair talks a bit about this weather feature and then. . . something unexpected happens and suddenly he “doesn’t mind it so much.” See why here, in his Wind video. Another nature phenomena that Blair has been able to capture was a vivid rainbow after a bout of rain. The bright colors stand out beautifully against the sky. At one point there is a clear double rainbow in Blair’s video Rainbow.

Turkey 8The Barred Owl Nest isn’t the only nest that Blair’s found recently. On a trip, Blair came across a peculiar acting turkey. Recognizing the signals, Blair waited for the peek-a-boo turkey to move along and scouted out a new nest. Watch this amusing encounter in his Turkey Nest video. Blair kept a close watch on a different turkey nest that was closer to home. A weather-proof camera allowed Blair to capture the new family’s first day. Watch as these cute chicks hatch and take their first trips outside the nest in the Turkey Hatch Day video.hqdefault5



While videos of adorable new life and nature’s forces are interesting to watch, some of the most serene are of beautiful landscapes. Independence KS Wildflowers has some beautiful views that can be found in Montgomery county. Blair says this area provides some of the “best wildflower and wildlife viewing.” Another amazing video featuring some of Kansas’ serene landscapes is Kansas Open Spaces. In this video Blair invites you to “Stand, watch, and listen on a Kansas prairie hilltop to find peace and tranquility lost in a modern world.”

Thanks to Blair, we have a better chance of not getting quite as lost in the modern world. While engaged and entranced by our technology, we are afforded the opportunity for these rare pieces of beauty to cross our screens. You can find them on Blair’s Youtube channel or watch the updates on the Mike Blair Outdoors Facebook page.hqdefault1