So Long Disney

So long, Disney.

It’s the end of the line for you and me.
And that’s too bad, since your once-shining movie features put me on the path of outdoors adventure back in the early ‘60s. My family didn’t go to many movies, but such gems as “The Living Desert,” “Legend of Lobo,” and others prompted me to tell my dad that one day, I would become a wildlife photographer. You were the world leader of filmed natural history back then, and all of your productions, nature or not, pointed to the good and true for your audiences. It was wholesome and uplifting entertainment.

But after Walt was gone, it all changed. We’re now in a day when Disney pushes agendas. Virtually all of your current content is cartoonish, aimed at youth, and fraught with subliminal messages of social change. Pushing such historically and ethnically inaccurate portrayals like “Hamilton,” signing Kaepernick as a modern folk hero whose war against police and American patriotism is a model for improvement, and endless animated releases suggesting that moral change and even civil disobedience is OK and necessary (the ideas being cloaked in kid’s cartoon “humor”), Disney is doing all that it can to indoctrinate youth and our society.

I’m disgusted and cutting you loose, Disney. Along with other feckless producers like Hallmark, you have become unrecognizable in your messaging. Your current goals are obvious to those who’ve seen the changes. Only the uneducated young and the willingly ignorant espouse your efforts. This morning on ABC’s Good Morning America, a college history professor, of all people, stated that deliberately changing history via your new Disney + TV production, Hamilton, was alright in order to accommodate forward thinking and social dialogue in the US. You are willingly advancing untruths in order to. change America. That’s B.S., and many of us won’t stand for it.

It’s time to push back. For me, I’ll continue to concentrate on understanding the real truths and beauties of our natural world, sharing with all who enjoy such things. But more and more, I find that current television and movie productions are not only unfit to watch – they’re dangerous for America.

– Mike Blair